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Crochet: Kendall Square Infinity Scarf

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After “mastering” the snowflakes…I thought I can do ANYTHING!

A good friend of mine kept posting things about Craftsy, a site with tips, tricks, and instructions for various arts and crafts projects including crocheting.

On this website, I came across a pattern called Kendall Square Infinity Scarf

I really liked the crochet pattern. When buying yarn, I found a color that I couldn’t wait to try out for the scarf. The color (a mix of black/gray/white/pink) seemed to be a perfect color scheme for a friend, who absolutely loves HelloKitty.

I used Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted Yarn
Yarn size: 4
Crochet hook size: if I remember correctly, I used crochet hook size 5

I followed the pattern as mentioned. The suggested length allows the scarf to be wrapped three times, which allows the scarf to lie nicely. I used single crochet (only through the front loop) to crochet the ends together.

The completed project can be found on Crafts under:


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