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Crunchy Kale Chips

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I only had kale chips once…and it’s quite a while ago. One of my best friends made kale chips and brought them to the beach. My last beach trip before moving to the (Wild) West.

Those chips were amazing…and I kind of had always wanted to make some. Well…today after making the Tropical Green Smoothie for breakfast and roasting the spaghetti squash seeds…it seemed perfect to also make kale chips.

Here is what I did:

1. From the kale leaves, we had bought from Whole Foods, we had about 6 or 7 large kale leaves left. I washed the leaves thoroughly and even more thoroughly dried them using a kitchen towel. I tore the leafy part away from the stems and discarded the stems. Then, I tore the leaves into large bite-size pieces.

2. Once the leaves were torn, in a bowl I added 1 ½ teaspoons of olive oil to the kale pieces. I used my hands to make sure that each leaf was slightly coated with olive oil. (Make sure to not drown your kale with too much oil. This will result in kale chips that are soggy.)

3. I sprinkled the kale with Himalayan Pink sea salt and mixed the leaves one last time.

4. Then I spread the kale evenly on two baking sheets making sure that the kale leaves were not laying on top of other leaves.

5. Then I baked the kale leaves at 300 F for about 10 minutes. I briefly removed the baking sheets and used a wooden spatula to move the leaves and turn them. I replaced the baking sheets and continued baking for another 15 minutes before pulling the baking sheets out of the oven.

6. I left the kale chips to cool on the baking sheet.

7. Enjoy   =)

(P.s. I was not going to make Hans try these. The chips have just been sitting on the counter–benefit of living out West, because the kale chips actually are staying crisp and crunchy. And guess what…Hans has been sneaking a kale chip here and there when passing the plate.)

Note: Perfect for people who need to increase their salt intake due to low blood pressure (like me). These chips can be made with varying amounts of salts. I guess I will make these kale chips more often, as I can make sure to increase my salt intake without adding fat that would come from eating most store-bought salty snacks.

Kale chips_3_small



Health benefits of kale:
* It is low in calories but rich in protein, fiber, folate, omega-3 fatty acid, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and zinc.


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